Sunday, February 17, 2013

CSI Case File No. #58~ OWG Love

Hello everyone!
I trust you had a blessed Sunday.
Today I want to share my weekly layout for
Let's see how I solved this week's case.
 This week included a fantastic sketch from Page Drafts.
I was so in love with the color scheme.

Here's my take:

This layout is all about the ladies in OWG on one of many
travels together.
Here they are in Forks, WA on the LaPush beach.
Forks is most known for the filming of 
The Twilight Saga.
You guessed it!
This is The Older Women Group
in which all the women love Twilight.

I used all 5 colors.

*string, twine
*create a jagged edge
*sailboat or other transportation accent
*something sheer e.g. vellum

*Document a getaway
*Put your journal behind something sheer.

Close Up Views


This is one of many stories of love, compassion, and togetherness among women.
The Older Womens Group was established for older women that had one
thing in common, the book/movie entitled "Twilight."
We all had an obsession just as younger women. It seems silly and
pointless to many but for us, it goes beyond Twilight. These women are just a 
typical wife, mom, and grandmother. Balancing dishes, dinner, employment,
and all things Twilight.
Women from all over the U.S. and international share love, excitement, laughter,
sadness, and complete friendship. They take great pride in planning trips to
Twilight conventions, red carpet premires, birthday parties, and where the
movie was filmed. These pictures show just one of many trips made last
year to Fork, Washington, on the west coast. This group consist of 2000 members
among which friendship bonds have formed. All of us have spent endless
hours chatting on phones, IM, and  forum rooms.
In sadness, tears, and death we all comfort and be there for each other.
We send out cards for holidays, special days, and birthdays just to say we care and love.
There are so may creative sisters within the group that create special gifts for each other.
These are kept and looked at just to smile and remember the love we share.
I've never been able to travel but I have enjoyed conversations, pictures, cards, and
Yes we all love Twilight and each other. Whether Team Edward or Team Jacob{that's me}
we are a family, Shimmer Sisters. Forever caring , sharing, and enjoying a last bond
of friendship within sisterhood.
Forever Love!!!!!!

There are many more stories among the ladies.
So long that a book needs to be written.
The Twilight Saga has ended but what we share in this group
will never end. The traveling will never end.
Because this is a bond of friendship that is
endless love.

Case solved!!!!
 I trust you were inspired.
Thanks for stopping by and
enjoy your week.

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