Saturday, March 30, 2013

Time to Reveal CSI Case File #65

Hi there.
I have been a busy bee during March.
Now we are at the end of yet another month.
Today I want to share my last layout as
It has been a blast and I enjoyed it so much.
I was able to complete all the cases
for March.
Again thank you Debbi for the honor. 
Let's look this week's case.*tP63j*DyZNYy07-6a1hzQJiqyczRWJDb0ufnd-JeTnc5hHSf0YnMeAqv3Wjtwp8CMJh3Q5mrhokE56-4CFu0SXdA/65flat.jpg 

I used all the colors of the scheme.

Here is my take:


* bird
* pinwheel
*white space 

*Spread your journaling across three spots.

Here are more views:

*There are a few more spread in spots on the layout:

*Ally,Roni, and Steph
*On The Journey

 Case solved!!!!!!
I love CSI because of the inspiration and journaling.
Thanks for stopping by.
Enjoy your day.

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